Things to Keep In Mind While Using an Oven for Cooking

Preparing food inside an oven is not really daunting as it might appear to some. Certainly, it’s a little delicate but not in case you know everything about using an oven. Your oven can perform several tasks for you and thus it is worthy of more devotion. It might prepare crunchy cookies, make your meat warm or just prepare a hale and hearty dinner.

Everyone loves to have a house occupied with the smoky smell of herbs rising from treats out of the oven. In case you aren’t that familiar with an oven, we are going to tell you exactly how to prosper a strong relationship with the oven. Today we are going to tell you about a few fundamental things to consider whilst preparing food in an oven.

A majority of ovens comprise of diverse metal frames. Utilize the oven as per the recipe you are going to cook and do away with the remaining frames. Ensure that your oven is fresh and doesn’t furtively hide any scalded remnants from its former usage. The listing of the Top 10 OTG Ovens in India is going to provide you the finest models used for grilling, which might be cleaned very easily as well.


Temperature, both whilst pre-heating and whilst preparing food needs to be taken care of. Typically, the oven is pre-heated to its extreme temperature. Likewise, ensure that you don’t heat up the oven regularly with the foodstuff kept inside since it makes the warmness to leak and that is going to upturn the cooking period.

Placement of Dishes

Remember that hot air being lighter rises up! Thus, if you desire to prepare something gradually, place it on the tray beneath. In contrast, in case you’re searching for a crisp dish then put your dish on the uppermost tray. In a majority of baking and frying dishes, it is finest to utilize the center rack since the heat is constant in that space.

Usage of Utensils

Apart from all that, you must avoid making use of the dark-colored baking dishes made up of metal since they aggressively grip extra heat and the probabilities of searing your food are greater. The light-colored dishes made up of glass, metal, silicone, or cast-iron functions really well since they assist in conveying the heat equally and averts the danger of scorching the foot. In case you’re making use of a dark-colored metal dish ensure that you put it on the top rack to keep space among the heating rod and the utensils.

Difference Between OTG Oven vs Microwave

Generally, toaster ovens are somewhat cheaper and more of a compact version of convectional ovens. And, perfectly fits the bill when it comes to baking, toasting, and roasting.  It is quite cheap as compared to the microwave.

While Microwave ovens are less on cost, super-effective and simple to use. Additionally, they do not require professional set up, they can be set anyplace on a counter top and plugged in. They also use less electricity and energy to heat up food.

Difference between OTG Ovens vs Microwave

Runs on

Toaster ovens and microwave both runs on electricity.


Toaster ovens almost come in the same range as the microwave. It is a plug and uses appliance. While microwaves are quite cost-effective and need no require extra set-up charges.

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Toaster oven are used for toasting, baking, grilling and broiling. While on the flip side, microwaves are used for heating up food, cooking or boiling objects.


Toaster oven uses electric coils and so takes time to heat up and with microwave is the fastest of all ovens.

Cooking Time

Toaster ovens take a little longer to cook food, like to conventional ovens. While, microwave ovens heat up food super-fast and easy, it can cook food within few minutes.


Toaster ovens are cost-effective as it works on electricity. It does not consume too much electricity. Though, economical ability varies depending on the usage of the device.

However, on the flip side microwave is quite economical. It works on electricity and only consumes power when reheating up food. It does not require any extra power.

Heat distribution

The toaster oven doesn’t provide even heat and neither have they had a fan to provide even distribution. Toasters oven has more heat where the coils are.

Whereas, Microwaves dispense heat more consistently as the food absorbs the microwaves and then turn it into heat. The heating may not be so even in thick, dense objects.

Temperature Management

The toaster oven uses electric coils for generating heat. While in Microwave, no such burners are required, only an electrical switch is needed. For more differences, you can check more post on this topic.